We are an independent mobile game development studio and a mobile apps marketing agency.

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We partner with you across all parts of the mobile game
 and app marketing ecosystem.

Growth Consultancy

Elevate your app’s journey with us! As a premier growth consulting agency, we specialize in onboarding excellence, seamless customer journey mapping, advanced paywall solutions, and dynamic engagement tactics.

Dive into our innovative, data-inspired methods and unleash unparalleled growth potential for your app, ensuring you stand out in the ever-expanding mobile app arena.

Managed user acquisition, ASO

We look at UA holistically – a combination of strategic thinking, creative development, technological expertise, and hard work. We focus on channels that provide the highest ROI, and always looking towards where to best invest the next dollar to maximize profitability.

We boost your app’s visibility by refining its title, keywords, icon, and screenshots, ensuring it shines at the top of app store searches.

Creative Production

We produce everything from UA videos, game trailers, and app store assets to any other compelling ad creatives that drive conversions. From stunning icons to animated video production, we brainstorm ideas and bring them to life. Take a look at how we make your app glow.

How about letting our team peek at your creatives? We’ve got some cool tips to amp up your app’s success and earnings.


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Mobile games that stand out

Our studio is passionately dedicated to crafting enjoyable mobile games that stand out in a sea of competitors. We’re always on the hunt for niche games with the potential to break through and capture players’ attention. Rapid prototyping is our mantra; we quickly assess a game’s potential through its data, ensuring we invest our energies into building the next big hit.

Project Zero

Are you a mobile games developer with no unified core project to build games on? Are you interested in faster and more advanced prototyping?

Try our modular Unity Framework Project with over 32 ready-to-use modules with drag’n’drop game features.

With Project Zero, you can focus only on crafting a unique and entertaining game. You can skip the time-consuming tasks of integrating tutorials, cloud saves, analytics, monetization, push notifications, language localizations, ad network integrations, and many more.

We’ve spent more than 3000 hours developing Zero so that both small game studios and established players in the market can concentrate on bringing their creative vision to life. As a result, Project Zero can help save game studios thousands of hours in development time, allowing them to allocate their resources more effectively.

Unity Framework

Saves Time

Ready-to-use Modules

Fast Prototyping

Founding team

Matej Nosal



Marketing & UA manager at Geewa
UA Lead at MADFINGER Games

Eva Knirschova



CEO at Reshoper
Head of Analytics at Investown
Head of Production at Crealytics

Vojtech Jatel



Lead Software Engineer at MADFINGER games
Technical designer at 2K Czech

Radek Marek

Art Director


Art Director at Titan Arrow Games
Art Director at Madfinger Games
Art Director at Vatra
Lead Artist Illusion Softworks, 2KCzech

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